Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our life lately

It's so rainy and cold outside today. Winter is slowly creeping into and so is cold. Neil loves days like this. He says it reminds him of England. I think he really misses home sometimes. Since I've lived away from Latvia since 1997, I am used to calling other places home.

Neil was away for an overnight work trip and came home feeling a bit run down and exhausted. To treat him, I made chilli and brownies with ice cream for dessert. I am so proud of myself and my cooking adventures lately. I've never been a great cook and get really embarrassed to have people over for dinner because 9 times out of 10 something is either too dry or overcooked or undercooked or could use a pinch of this or a big dollop of that. Regardless, I am trying and what makes me proud is that we are eating foods without preservatives and other things that are really bad. I am blessed to have amazing friends who keep encouraging me and eating what I serve. Today I reached the peak of my cooking career - my friend Anna called and asked for the French toast recipe I made a few days ago. Someone called ME asking for a recipe!!!! I've been walking around proud as a peacock.

We spoke to Neil's sister in the US today. It was lovely to catch up and to hear what they are up to but it made me miss the States SO VERY MUCH. I catch myself thinking from time to time that the US is my second home. I don't feel the same way about Australia yet although we've lived here half the amount of time I lived in the US. I realise that my longing for America is vain. First of all I miss the friends who are there. But after that I miss shopping, I miss how cheap things are, I miss the selection and quality of stuff. I miss excellent customer service. I choose to forget things like insanely expensive health insurance and other things that don't make sense.

Daniel has mastered falling asleep. I am so very proud of my little boy. After all the troubles we had, he has finally learned to lay in his bassinet and play until he gets really tired. Then I put a dummy in his mouth and he falls asleep. There are still a few times when he is fussy and I have taken him in my arms and he calms down. My good little boy.


Sarah said...

soooo precious! hang in there with the cooking, it will come:) my strategy is always to have a box of pasta and a jar of sauce in the pantry (sorry, preservatives) but that way even if the planned dinner turns out AWFUL, you can have a tasty and satisfying dinner in an extra 10 min or so:) would love to see some of what you have been creating!

melissa said...

Darling, your friends over here in the States miss you too and love you to pieces!

Daniel is so adorable, by the way :)

Christina Rushbrook said...

Hey Ags, your cooking is fantastic - seriously I'm puzzled why you think otherwise - maybe a little too hard on yourself?! We've always had a delicious meal whenever we've been around to your place. Keep cooking and keep experimenting!