Saturday, May 19, 2012


Life is measured by the little moments that string together memories and turn into a lifetime. Our Australian string has been blessed since day one. Well, actually, since the day we went to church, sat down and the couple next to us leaned over and asked what our names are and if we'd like to come over for lunch. That's a story in itself which I will definitely write one day. 

From that relationship we have found a family here - a mom and a dad, sisters, brothers, nephews and nieces. This relationship has made us feel welcome, wanted, belonging and loved. This relationship has made us feel like we can make it here - oceans and continents away from home and parents. 

Today we were celebrating our little nephew's birthday. It's amazing how a simple kid's birthday party can bring so much feeling of love and happiness and blessing. Happy birthday Levi! 

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Christina Rushbrook said...

We are so happy that they leaned over and asked you to lunch too! I can't imagine life without you guys. Thanks for coming to the party and for all the amazing photos you've taken. love u lots x we used the sieve yesterday and Levi keeps asking if he can do some more baking!