Wednesday, May 09, 2012


One of my dearest friends, who had a baby boy 14 months ago, now lives in the US but like me, she originally comes from Eastern Europe. She is Romania now with her son, walking the streets she walked as a little girl, he is listening to the language his mommy calls "her native" and being cuddled by his grandparents.

We are currently looking into tickets to go home over Christmas. I so long to take Daniel there and to let him experience Latvia. I so hope that he will be able to experience it in a way that makes him feel close and connected to it on some level. I so hope that he will feel familiar with things that I was familiar when growing up. I know that Neil feels the same way about the UK. 

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FeliOland said...

How exciting!! I remember when we planned the trip how much fun it was just to think about it. I highly recommend taking Daniel to your 'motherland' and spend as much time as you can there. Alex has a blast here and seems to be captivated by this new world he's seeing. I think it's up to us, their moms, how much they get to know and embrace the culture we bring to the table. I am proud to say that as of now, Alex knows much more Romanian than English. Actually, he doesn't understand a word in English, just Romanian:))