Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artistic Flair.

Continuing on the theme in the previous post, I am posing a question - is Pinterest  actually really bad for folk like me?

The problem is that I see something there and think to myself "Gee golly, that looks great! And it would be so easy to make!" So I venture out to whatever shops I need, spend a bunch of money for things that I will most likely use only once, make a big mess trying to make something that I think will look just like in the Pinterest example, end up with a cupboard full of off-cuttings and other things that I will never use again but am too cheap economical to throw away, and end up with something that doesn't even resemble what I saw on Pinterest which ends up stuffed back in the cupboard with the off-cuttings.

Since I've been pondering this thought for a while, I figured that regardless what I do, I can't stuff up a wall with frames. And just take a look how lovely people can make them look:


Since we have just the wall for a project like this and I love photos, I was sure that I can make a similar thing and it will look great.

Except my "artistic flair" is that I want photos of our immediate family who are all overseas. This wall is directly opposite the door to Daniel's room. So I wanted to put all grandmas and aunts and uncles in frames so that I can show him and tell him of his grandma and grandpa in Latvia, his grandma and grandpa in the UK and his aunts in the US and Latvia.

I spent so long looking for photos of the family that I love and that mean something to me. I also wanted to frame two photos from when he was born - those are such special times!

Finally, I got it all ready and it's on the wall:

Once again, it just doesn't look like the Pinterest examples. And these are frames - there was no space to add "my flair" and mess something up... Anyways, I am happy it's on and it's lovely to look at our family members every time we walk out of Daniel's room. 


FeliOland said...

It looks LOVELY!! I think you did a great job, those photos are so touchy... don't recognize them all but I can feel the strong meaning behind them.

Christina Rushbrook said...

Love it! Totally think it is Pinterest worthy! Love the placement and the frames.