Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Little nugget tuckered out

Today is a historical day as I have finally put Daniel in his cot for naps. I might even go as far as let him sleep there tonight.

I've been avoiding this for a very long time as I feel that putting him in his room and his cot is one step further from me. Mama is not ready to let her little boy grow up yet, she is holding onto her baby as long as she can.

But there comes a day when mama has to (almost) bend his little legs to fit him in the bassinet... The thing creeks when he stirs, that's a sign that mama can be holding on to her baby, it's just the bassinet might not be able to hold in one piece for much longer.

I feel for the girl he'll bring home one day. She might have to take a multiple choice test that I will assess to see if she is good enough - he will always be my little boy.

There is one phrase that I constantly keep hearing from various sources - your children will grow up in an instant. So I cherish every day I have with him. I make a conscious effort to value this time and these moments. I am loving not having to go to work and I am loving these months of being with him. How I pray that a miracle would happen and I would not have to go back to work...


studiocitro said...

That was the first and so far the last time he took a nap in the cot... He didn't sleep the night in it either... :)

studiocitro said...
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