Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mamas favourite things at the moment

  • The chubby thighs and the rolls on his upper thighs as well as ankles
  • The way he smiles when he first wakes up and one of us walks up to him - his smiling is so pure and sweet and cute
  • The sounds he makes when he tries to talk
  • The way he plays with his hands and his little fingers that are still short and chubby (and so delicious!)
  • The way he falls asleep on his own. It makes me so proud that in just a few short weeks he's mastered this  thing that was so tough on all of us.
  • The way he looks up at me when he is feeding. If he's content and in a good mood and has had enough he will look up with his big blue eyes and give me a smile. It's such a cute smile!
  • The way he looks at his daddy when they play - there is a bond that cannot be broken. I love my boys!

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