Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sophie - Daniel's new friend

Who said you can't buy friends?! I just did and we are living a happy ever after!

Daniel and Sophie are inseperatable. My little drooler is a happy little boy. I am sure there are little tooth buds forming in his mouth as he's been particularly drooly and keen to stick things in his mouth.

At first I bought the cheapy plastic rings that can be cooled in the fridge but those captivated his interest for maybe 5 minutes and his little hands got really cold.

My friend has a Sophie for her little boy and when Daniel got his little chubby hands on it, it was hard to get her back from him. So mummy made a trip to the mall yesterday and bough the last Sophie available in the biggest shopping mall on the North side!

The story about Sophie the Giraffe

The Little giraffe was born on the 25th of May in the year 1961. St Sophie's day! In those days, the only animal toys available were farm animals or pet figures. That is why one day in France, a certain Monsieur RAMPEAU, who was an expert in transforming sap from the HEVEA tree using the rotational molding of rubber as a toy-making concept, came up with the idea of designing a giraffe. 

Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby's small hands to grasp. Sophie the Giraffe, who looked exactly the same then as she does today, went into production on a Thursday, May 25th, whence her name. She was an immediate success. 

Young mothers straightaway saw that she was a must for their children when the first signs of teething appear, Sophie the Giraffe helps baby stop crying!By simple word of mouth, the little Giraffe's fame spread.From then on in Europe, generation upon generation of children were to love hearing Sophie squeak whenever they pressed her tummy and head! Vulli, a company based in Rumilly in the Haute-Savoie Region of France has continued to keep the jealously-guarded secret of how this wonder toy is made.SOPHIE is still "traditionally" produced to this day, a process that involves more than 14 manual operations. She is made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree. 


FeliOland said...

A few months ago I saw a mom friend of mine handing a Sophie (it sounds like it's a famous toy, its OK to turn into a noun:)), to her daughter. She said she got it on Amazon so I thought it was just yet another rubbery toy for kids. Until reading your post, didn't realize it's more of a 'legend' toy for babies. I guess Alex missed that one... Glad to see how well Daniel and Sophie get along:)

Christina Rushbrook said...

I bought a Sophie teething ring for Jireh on Friday just gone. They are great aren't they! Think I'd like one too