Sunday, June 10, 2012

Favourite present

I have been doing an unofficial poll with friends and family to see what is the best present that people have been given.

You know what's the most common answer?

"Hmmm, I don't know"

However, I did notice a trend. People who have children will usually say that it's their children. I don't let anyone off so easily, I keep pestering. It usually takes a long time and a bit of thinking to come up with an answer but generally people remember the presents that are experiences rather than things that have been given to them.

I have to say that I feel the same way. While I have been given some truly lovely gifts that have been very wanted, very practical and very special and I have enjoyed them and there are a lot I still use but when it comes to remembering, I remember brightest the presents that were experiences.

My bridal and baby showers were amazing. As was another very special gift - a day with our friends at the waterpark here in Brissie.

First was my bridal shower in Vermillion. I was absolutely, completely oblivious to the fact that my lovely friend Rochelle planned this and was totally shocked when I walked in that room and realised what was happening. Rochelle took me to dinner that night and we had a lovely time to bring me back to a big "SURPRISE" from a bunch of girls jumping out from behind the couch :) I LOVE surprises! (Pleasant ones). I had seen the surprise parties in movies when growing up and my whole life I had wanted one but never really had the occasion so this was extra special - my first ever (and actually still the only one) surprise party.

The food was AMAZING that night, made by Sarah who is an amazing cook and who went all out for the occasion, there was a chocolate fountain and cheese fondue and tons of other super yummy things.

The next present that is still so bright in my memory was my shower in Washington DC - yes, that's right! I flew down to DC where I was spoiled rotten by a dear, dear friend - Feli

From theatre to sushi, to an authentic Morrocan dinner complete with sweet tea and belly dancers (the place is AMAZING!)! If you know Felicia, you know how to be spoiled. Her love language is giving (spoiling) and God has blessed me to be her friend.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the waterpark that we went to but it was such a fun day with dear friends. As I remember my voice was pretty much gone by the end of the day from all the screaming I did that day. I think the timing of that day made it even more special as we had recently come to Australia and didn't really have close friends here. That day was sort of a beginning of a very special friendship that has grown only stronger since then. 

Finally, the most recent event - my baby shower. And not just some baby shower. Oh no - a themed baby shower. And not just some theme. Oh no - a very well known Australian children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Really, could it get more perfect?! It was sweet, it was cute, it was lovely.

These girls went all out - every dish on the table was looking like a caterpillar, little cards with caterpillar decorations, ceiling decorations - you name it and it was there. The attention to detail was immaculate! Party planners stand down when Australian girls (and some American) get serious! 

Don't get me wrong, there are some AMAZING presents that I have received that I love and smile when I use them. This is the girl who is missing the US for very consumer-orientated reasons... But I think the one common denominator in all these presents are the people I got to spend the time with and the love I felt during those occasions. That is what made these memories so special. 

What is your favourite present?


melissa said...

I think my favorite present was a photo album my mom made for me for my 19th birthday. All of my baby pictures were on slides (so I had never seen most of them), and she and my sister had them made into prints and put them in an album for me. It was so lovely and thoughtful.

studiocitro said...

That IS lovely! I love those kinds of presents, too :)

Christina Rushbrook said...

I must admit - when people put thought into it - it makes all the difference.

I do remember that when I was younger and my family didn't have that much money (although I know that is all relative especially seeing as we did have a lot of bananas to eat : ) ) I really wanted this giant watch that you could hang on your wall. When I think about it now, it is really quite a dodgy thing to hang but nonetheless that is what I wanted when I was about 12 years old and I got it one Christmas and I was sooo excited and I've never forgotten it.

As you get older though, experiences and words definitely mean more.

One thing I remember receiving was from my dear friend Allison. When I was about to embark on my first trip overseas, she bought me an old antique compass and wrote a beautiful card to let me know that God would be with me wherever I went. That was really special.

Great thought-provoking post!.

V said...

Oooh - I remember that bridal shower in Vermillion well. Great fun, Agnese! I am randomly looking at old friend's blogs lately and am so happy to see how well you and Neil and tiny, handsome Daniel are doing!