Monday, June 11, 2012

Standing up for women in sports

The post below is written by a good friend, Anita Riley, who has three kids and who has a passion in her heart to stop the sexualisation of kids and to stop making pornography an accepted thing in our culture.

It is very direct and the language might be offensive to those who shield themselves from this sort of thing. Sadly, this is the reality in which our children are growing up. I urge you to sign the petition to ban the Lingerie Football and to start standing up for what is moral. 
Today I couldn't get out of bed.
Today my heart was so heavy and I wept till I fell asleep.

Today I am extremely angry and felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone cause I might say something I regret.

Well, today I have decided I will just live with that regret!

I am sad, hurt and angry about the whole sexualisation of women and girls in Australia. My perfect world of perception and reality are clashing so hard that I can no longer live in my perfect world... I just can’t - it would be wrong.

The second game of LFL was played last night and as I read the tweets my heart sank.

Now, don’t get me wrong - the 4300 signatures against the LFL is great but that is less than .02% of the population!

So, let me get this straight. We as a nation are happy for women to use their bodies to promote and play sport. We as women are ecstatic that men want to come and watch our colleagues, friends, neighbours, future daughters or grand-daughters in a sporting arena with not much on, men groping at them telling the world on the sporting Facebook page “They want me to cum on her face”, have a blow up doll in the audience where oral sex is pretended to be acted out, men drinking beer and taking photos of girls bent over in their panties and all the while the girls told to “Shut the F.... up”.

Is this offensive to read? Well it doesn’t stop there. A girl lost her “panties” as they are affectionately known to which the beer swindling men were able to enjoy that view in full replay up on the big screen to the loud jeers and cheers. Every time a goal was scored a gesture was made that represents the vagina

During half time three men were give the opportunity to chase and tackle one of the LFL girls and here I was thinking pit bull fighting was illegal but obviously not - where is the RSPCA when you need them?

I see this Mitchell Moron (sorry Mortaza my mistake) saying over and over all through his tweets “History has been made here” and “The LFL will be back next year”.

Well yes history has been made. I wonder how Caroline Chisholm feels about it. She fought for women’s equality when Australia was starting out as a nation. That’s right - she was a busy mother and yet she fought for women’s right so we didn’t become a nation who would traffick women who were in desperate need.

Well here we are again - obviously so desperate to play “sports” that we would do it with our clothes off. The men who play this sport are protected to the extreme that you can only see their hands!

We are happy as a nation to traffick women to this guy who is the pimp who sits in first class on the plane whilst the other human cargo is in the back.

Well I can tell you I am offended and angry. We are obviously ecstatic that in order for a girl to get anywhere in sport they have to be reduced to a sexual object, paraded in front of men, groped at, inappropriate pictures taken of them, in slavery to the man who invented LFL. They don’t receive any money, no medical needs are met so yep we have women who are being trafficked right under our noses.

These girls can make up their own mind? - sure they can but how many do you think come from homes that has been void of a father or need male approval to help them get over their low self esteem that the magazines have educated them all their lives in how to be accepted by society?

All I can say is that I sat there today watching my 9 year old daughter playing bowling on the WII sports and she went on to beat all the boys in the house and low and behold she was fully clothed! We all congratulated her on a job well done (pity she may not have the freedom in the future to play sports with clothes on!)

My weeping has now turned to anger and what I would love to see at half time at the State of Origin this week is three women get invited to “knee” Mortaza and see how he feels being made a spectacle of and the hurt he feels is the same hurt I feel having LFL in MY COUNTRY.

Oh and by the way, sorry Caroline Chisholm. I hope again one day Australians will stand up for equality of women.

Today I will just live with the regret of what I just said - my daughter is worth it and if it causes people to sign the petition and share then I will gladly live with that regret and anyone I might have offended... I am offended more people haven't signed the petition.

So sign the petition! Email friends the link - do whatever you have to do. All the sponsors receive an email when the petition is signed. Let's not have this back in our country! 


FeliOland said...

SO sad and disturbing what this LFL is. I read this blog entry and then some other articles related to it. Shocking... Can I sign the petition even if I don't live in Australia??

studiocitro said...

Yes! I am sure you can and if you know of anyone else who does, please forward them the link too.

It is so wrong on so many levels!!

studiocitro said...

Yes! I am sure you can and if you know of anyone else who does, please forward them the link too.

It is so wrong on so many levels!!