Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is winter in Australia. By 'winter' I mean the same temperatures as summer in Latvia, so don't get me wrong, no one is complaining here. 

But this does mean that it is the perfect time to enjoy fire places, bonding time with friends in the wine region, cooking dinners together, making yummy coffees in the morning and taking some time off from work to relax and enjoy. 

So this past weekend, we went away with our friends. It happens so that all our babies are the same age. We call them the three musketeers. This is the time when us, girls, talk about things I never imagined would interest and fascinate me so much - baby sleep, frequency of night wakings, eating habits, and who can escape the poo talk?! 

Stanthorpe is a little bit off the beaten track. But a perfect place to enjoy Queensland wineries, olive gardens, little jam shops and candle shops, antique shops and other cozy little places. So despite the wet and rain we set off to enjoy it all.

It was a beautiful weekend! 

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