Thursday, January 24, 2013

My little bilby

Besides being a super cute little Australian animal, a bilby is also my baby boy at the daycare. That's what are called the youngest kiddies at the daycare where Daniel has started going while mommy has started going back to work 3 days a week. As I learned the other day from a little girl, after bilbies are wombats and after that, koalas. And no, she is not a wombat anymore.

While mommy is back to the commuting and working world, Daniel has been up to adventures. I have to say that when that time of the day comes when I get on the train, the last 30 minutes to get to my station are a pure torture - I just want to be there because I miss him so much!

One day a week Daniel happily spends with his Australian nana and papa. They get up to all sorts of adventures, including watching dump trucks, going for walks, learning not to squeel in high pitch voice, going on boat rides and other very exciting adventures. That day is easy as I know he is happy and well taken care of. 

Other two days he spends at daycare. While it is a lovely daycare and has an excellent reputation in the area, it still takes some getting used to and mommy's heart hurts when she sees her little boy crying.

Actually it is not hard if I know that he is fine. Last week (his first week there by himself) he seemed fine. This week he knew that mommy will leave so was a bit more cautious to let me go. I was planning on sneaking out but the daycare ladies said that it's actually a better idea to say good byes and to let them know I leave so they don't feel abandoned. It sort of makes sense. So we had a very tearful good-bye today. 

His nannies are wonderful and take a very good care of him. (In the background you can see my little car - ha!) They tell us that he does ok most of the time, in fact he's quite happy with the toys and the sandbox and the other things that he loves to explore. 

He LOVES the 'babies' area. Probably because he can poke in their eyes, nose and mouth and no one tells him off. He's also very good at standing up for himself. Which is a polite way of saying that he tends to pinch anyone who does something that is not according to his liking... Awkward moments have happened. 

Today I got there to pick him up and I could hear him crying. I walked in, he saw me and came into my arms, buried his snotty face in my chest and gave me the biggest hug. It was such a lovely moment. 

So on our days together we go to the local mall and sit in the truck with ... Barney the bear? Harvey the bear? I have no idea what the name is but Daniel is so happy and gets the car sounds going and the steering wheel turning and spit everywhere while doing the 'brrrr' sound - where did he learn this?! I practically have to peel him off the car and carry him over my shoulder away... Needless to say that we've spent a fair deal of time there. Without kidding, security has circled us a few times (without saying anything :) 

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