Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby not well

As big of a blessing as the daycare is, since Daniel has started there, I don't think there have been 3 days in a row that he'd been 100% healthy. The latest in the row of ailments is a tummy bug. I have to be honest, I've never seen anything like it before. 

On the first day he was vomiting 3-4 times an hour. We couldn't get home from nana Judi's, which is half hour drive, without him vomiting. I've been vomited on about 15 times. Washmachine has been going twice a day to keep up with all the towels and clothes. My little honey was a poor little heap of misery.

Today is day 3 and while he has improved a little bit, to me, things have not yet turned around. Tonight he got fever. However, today was the first day he had a bit of watermelon. First food in 3 days. This is where I am so thankful for breastfeeding. Even though he vomited most of it, I am sure that something stayed in and at least I know there is something of value in his system. He refuses the hydrolite drinks and from time to time will take some water but that's about it.

It is hard to watch your baby feel so sick. As much as I love the cuddles from him, I just want to go to the park and the beach and see him run around and happy and excited. I can't wait to make him waffles for brekky and watch him eat it all and point his finger wanting more. 

Sour cream waffles. Recipe here! These look yummy!

This is how we sleep. Usually Daniel starts in a vertical position but often we find him like this - horizontally. Most of the time his feet are either in my face or Neil's. Or, he kicks us in the ribs... Good thing we have a king size bed...

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Karen said...

Day care has been that for us, too. We've had tummy bugs and pink eye (twice!) and countless numbers of colds. I hate it. But I also like going to my job and not living paycheck to paycheck and knowing that Samantha is learning to play with other kids her age. But, yeah, day care is a germ factory.