Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moving in the forward direction

What a month (two? three? I have no idea) how long it's been! Being a mummy is busy enough but selling/buying home, moving, working part-time, being a host - it's time consuming and exciting and wonderful at the same time. I forgot the stressful part (not for being a host) :)

Also, can I tell you a secret? There is baby #2 on the way. Next week we find out if it's a brother or a little sister. I (we) have wanted a baby for a while now. I think the second time around I will be more relaxed and appreciative, rather than stressed. I look at mums with babies and long to hold a little chubby cheek in my arms again.

Daniel is growing so fast! He's so clever and cute at the same time! I used to worry about sleeping on his own and many other things and now, when he's actually pretty good at it, I hold him in my arms when he's not well and falling asleep and wanting his mummy and enjoy the love flowing from him to me and me to him and his little eyelids getting heavy. How much I love that little boy who is a rascal and knows how to push mummy's buttons but all is forgiven minutes afterwards when he comes up and gives me a kiss (which is usually accompanied by a snots) and a big hug.

We have moved in the new house and I can't thank God enough for this blessing. It all worked out and it is such a miracle that it did! There were so many hiccups and problems and issues and they all worked out for our benefit in the end. I have no idea how I conceived in the middle of that enormous stress but I did - which is another major miracle!

The house is everything I could ever dream of. Including a kitchen that is from the 80s, bathrooms that need a total redo and other little things. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't even bother me because I look at the cheap plastic bathroom handles and counters and I see the potential in the space. I see what it will become with time.

This analogy makes me think of how God sees us. While I beat myself up over things that I don't do right or that I've failed at, I think that God looks at me with overflowing love and sees the potential of who I will become. After all - he's the potter and he doesn't give up. That's a comforting thought! 

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kristaliukas@yahoo.com said...

How wonderful that your little family keeps expanding! Congratulations to all three of you!!!