Wednesday, August 07, 2013

It's a girl!!!!

I have not stopped smiling.

I was smiling when she first said that it looks like a girl, I smiled for the rest of the appointment, I smiled for the rest of the day and I am fairly certain I smiled when I was sleeping.

We had the scan yesterday where they look at the baby's internal organs to see how things are going and where they tell the sex. This also means that I am one week shy of being half way through!

Oh my!

This time around it's different than it was with Daniel. I know what to expect. I know how things work (famous last words) and it's a celebration I am very happy to keep inside rather than wanting to shout to the world.

Daniel is full of mischief, cuteness, boyhood and new words. Two words in English and one in Latvian. At times Neil looks at me with a wrinkle in his forehead and asks what Daniel is saying. He's 20 months now and LOVES Playschool. In fact I probably let him watch it a bit too much but I am not stressing about it at the moment. He's learned the concept of "accident" so even if he does something and we look at him with a stern look he goes "acki" - accident... How can mommy and daddy be angry when it was an accident?! There are words he says very clearly "more", "NO!", "yes", "Njamma" (when he is hungry), "water", "birdie", "tante". He's even started putting words together. "Bye bye mommy's broom broom". 

The next few months will be busy. We are all looking forward to them!

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