Sunday, October 27, 2013

End of October

Hello from a warm, pleasant Brisbane. We are experiencing the nicest season of this place - it is warm but not the sauna hot, unbearable heat. Nights get cool so that an open window provides a really pleasant sleep in a cool but not cold night. Perfect! 
During my days off we play in water, visit nana and papa Rushbrooks and go for a swim or play with cousin Jack, or just play in the garden. Well, cartoons have become an exciting part of life but mommy better not post about that...

Baby girl is growing and kicking and I am at 30 weeks!!!! That means I am in the home stretch. Not long to go now. I am totally not prepared for this mentally. With Daniel I was ready and prepared and knew what part of his body was developing at what time. This time around I am barely keeping track of how far along I am. Excited, very much so, but my mental space is occupied with a baby boy, work, home and keeping up with what is happening around. 

Yesterday I went to a church women's conference. While I am generally a bit hesitant about these sort of things but I have to say that I was most impressed. It was so well organised and interesting and I got to hear Christa Black, who was simply amazing. 

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