Monday, June 27, 2005

licking my war wounds or lessons i learned this weekend

actually, i can't even claim them to be my war wounds, they are more like stupidity marks that look like a suicidal person trying to slash her wrists but i figure one thing - you’d never know you are not suppose to stick your fingers in things you are not supposed to stick them if you didn’t stick your fingers in things you are not suppose to stick them in. we are passed that age where parents told us what to do and what not to do, so now we learn it ourselves.

so the lesson to learn - don't try to hit the buoy while skiing by it. it's not as flimsy as it looks.

other then that - i had an absolutely fantastic weekend filled with the best friend, her wonderful boyfriend, her fantastic parents, nephews, sister and brother-in-law, margaritas, tipsy ladies trying to set me up with some dudes who live in spencer (and i am not trying to say i didn't love it), margaritas, skiing, laughter, happiness, lots of coffee, happiness, sun and lack of sun, wind, feeling of belonging, parents, card games, good food, boat, water, naps, cheek-kissing from 2 year olds...

and when it all went by and i realized it's monday, i realized that licking a bleeding heart is not as bad and actually not bad at all when you are surrounded by love.

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