Wednesday, June 22, 2005

storms that break trees

yesterday there was a huge storm in vermillion. not just huge, but like the magnitude of "your favorite latvian freaked out and was running back and forth around the house not knowing what to do". not just that, but also "crazy latvian called R, who was enjoying a leisurley evening with her boy and was blurting something in a very high pitch voice for about 2 minutes." no pauses.

it was hard and it was mighty and it was powerful and it was scary. there are trees ripped out of the ground all over the town. huge, trees that are completely broken off.

i feel like big and hard and mighty and powerfull and scary storm has blown over my life in the last few weeks. a storm that had the potential to brek the core of the tree in me. but it didn't. it would have but it didn't. i was scared it will but it didn't. in fact, in a lot of ways, i feel like it has made me stronger.

not the right time for details yet. but i have survived the 150 miles per hour winds because this time i am grounded in something stable, and strong. it's amazing how much strenght god gives when you ask for it.

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