Friday, June 17, 2005

willie's wonka and other such things

like waterbaloons, i wish there were baloons for love. so you could fill them with love and then drop them on someone when they need to feel loved. so they are shocked and showered with love. the more expensive kind would have also added giggles and happiness and good memories inside.


it could be sold in little containers with a bubble blower. so that people could pull those out, shake them up, when they needed it, and start blowing those bubbles and they would fill rooms and spaces with colorfull hapiness. then kids could run around and try to pop them and out would burst bubbles with giggles.

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kristaliukas said...

I know this is from like 3 years ago, but I just discovered these posts! Anyway, here is this goofy movie Lithuanians made about a shop where you can buy goodness... Kind of went hand in hand with this post: