Friday, August 05, 2005


there are some gifts that you are like "oh that's cool", there are others where you go "oh, that's so thoughtful!" and then there are the "i am speechless!!!" gifts.

i got one of the last (the best) categories in the mail today. it took me what seemed forever to open the envelope and then another envelope and then a little letter and then...and then.... a beautiful handmade silver pendant made JUST FOR ME!!! with the word "TRUST" inscribed on the other side, just like i had asked.

it is so cool!!! i love it so much and it means so much to me that i have to get up and look at it, just so i can see it one more time. made by a dear friend at a time when i was in such low dumps and when i was confused and hurt and life seemed so complicated and impossible to handle.

it was also a time when i felt my need for god more then ever before. that "TRUST" on the back of it will always remind me how god jumps in the hole with us when we are lurking on the bottom and also how much that love that comes from close friends in those times means.

it is not just a pendant, it is so much more then that.

thank you, jenny!!! you are so talanted!

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