Saturday, August 13, 2005

we won't tell the insurance companies...

Things I've done while driving (these are the ones i remember):

talking on cellphone (that's a given one - driving is the best time, passes time faster),
putting on lipsitick,
apply general make-up (eye liners are a challange on bumpy roads),
*this becomes a bit of a challenge when you have to take the glasses off to put the liner on - it gets hard to see the road
pluck eyebrows,
do a quick dry leg shave (if you've missed a couple spots here and there),
paint nails, paint toe nails,
do hair,
look for the cd you can't find,
look for the cd you can't find in the back seat -- they get buried under stuff,
try to dig out something heavy that's behind the drivers seat,
eating and driving doesn't even count,
maybe we can count when you eat with one hand,
hold the drink in the other and steer with the knee

a combination of any two can be done at the same time...a combination of any three is possible as well.

crashes: 0

tickets: 0

ironicly - parking tickets: lost count after about 7th



Anonymous said...

you've drank and drove too...we all know it...
- Bob

Anonymous said...

(all that you mentioned +)
*changed clothes in downtown SF at a red light? Not smart.
*sent text messages, which can be VERY dangerous
*changed shoes, getting one shoe stuck under the brake momentarily
*PUT NYLONS ON!!! ha! that was tricky
*makeup and hair stuff
*Hung a pair of jeans out the window and driven down the highway to get them dry quick before work
AND THE big one:
Driving and trying to search for a fallen cigarette from one of my friends in high school and putting the car into the ditch, but not realizing it until the cat-tails and tall grass came into my window... oops. We got back onto the road in one swift motion. The car never even stopped.... So, who wants to go on a road trip?

thats about all.