Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall colors, rain, cinnamon and honey

I used to hate fall flowers because they reminded me of the cold weather that's coming. Honey - because it was too sweet. Rain because it meant wet. Dusk reminded me of sadness. I also used to hate cinnamon, for no reason, really.

As I've grown older, I've noticed that I have a different appreciation for those things. Actually, I catch myself starting to like those things -- not the what they are but because they bring a change. Fall flowers because they mean a different weather, honey because it's such a contrast, and because I have such a sweet-tooth, rainy days after a sunny summer, dusk after a bright day, cinnamon because it makes me think of Christmas.

I've learned to like the change, even if it brings something that I don't love as much. Sometimes even sadness is fine because if there wasn't sadness, we'd forget to appreciate happiness and everything would become blah.

There is beauty in change.


Andy said...

I saw a Latvian (LT, right?) car today and thought of you!

kontrabanda said...

That's Lithuania :) :) Latvia is LV

Andy said...

Oh, those crazy abbreviations. It's like ME being Maine. That's stupid. Anyway, I thought of you just the same! I always look when number plates aren't yellow on the back or when the car is left-hand-drive to see where they're from. Maybe next time I'll get it right!