Tuesday, September 13, 2005

he is my adventure

i am back. ended up extending the ticket from 4 days to a week.

very very good foods at some beautiful restaurants, favorite: the slanted door - on the bay, overlooking the bay bridge at night, when it lights up
shared the best milkshakes in san francisco
walk by the bay bridge late at night
stood in silence in muir woods and inhaled the enchantment of the peace and calm
listened to the seagulls crying in the wind over the bay
held hands
drank guiness and listened to great blues bands
drank best chocolate martinis and cappucinos with brandi at the tosca bar - a beautiful 40's style cocktail bar with frank sinatra singing in the jukebox
listened to fantastic live jazz band
froze while walking on the pier
wore his sweater to keep warm
fully supported starbucks after partying it up the night before
tried to teach an english man who dances techno to dance hip hop - doesn't work
watched movies
drank fantastic wines
wondered about the future

did i tell you that we met on the internet and this was the first time we met? no?? well, it's probably because i was a little embarrased and didn't want to look so desperate.

and did i tell you he lives in london? no??? well, he does.

what's the future to that? i really don't know.


melissa said...

i love it :)

The Daily Rant said...

What great pictures and what a nice post. You guys look like you're really enjoying each other's company. And don't be embarrassed about meeting on the internet...this is 2005, chickie!! I met my last two boyfriends on the internet. The last one I was with for 2 years and this one is going on 14 months. It's a great thing. The only thing you might have trouble explaining is how you met since you're from two different places. When people ask us where we're from and I say "New York" and he says "Dallas", they sort of look puzzled. LOL Enjoy it!!

The Dog Lady said...

Ags - he is a hottie. :-) Nice work!!

You know my brother goes to school in London now, and that has really made me realize that the world has become much "smaller" than it used to be. It is not too hard to visit faraway places and have relationships with people living in other countries....go for it!

Andy said...

I do, in fact, live in London. I love it, and like my sister said the world is much, much smaller than it used to be..!