Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I remember the days when receiving an invitation from a classmate for a birthday party was a thing so big that sleeping the night before was a chore. presents were wrapped, best clothes were picked out, mom braided my hair into a french braid, and the time never ticked fast enough to get to the hour when it was time to leave.

Now, birthdays are more a pain then a celebration. Every year I've felt like it's another reminder for all the things I thought I will have accomplished at this age but haven't and another hint hint from grandma about the great-grandchildren she doesn't have yet. I know I am not the only one who feels that way.

This year Neil made my birthday super special - with a giant bouquet of flowers and phone calls and emails and cards and packages and smiles and phone hugs and kisses. And for a little while I felt like in those days when I was 8 and birthday was a huge deal. When I didn't care about what anyone thoguht or expectations or when I didn't compare myself with anyone. When you really think about it, nothing has changed since that age, except that we grown up and have lost the magic of these special celebrations. That and the fact that when I was in high school, just the thought of running a mile melted pounds and now just smelling a cake makes them grow on my hips. But besides that, with all the ups and downs, with all the things we experience and learn, with all the friends we make along the way, emotions we live through and become richer from - life is wonderful!

So I raise my glass to toast to Jenny today - a beautiful, kind, smart, very creative, gifted friend of mine, who has been there through so many of the ups and downs, always encouraging, always friendly and always there. Jenny - you are a friend that many people dream about to have. My wish for you is that the magic that paints life with glitter and shimmer is painted over every day, for the rest of your life - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...


YOU are such a dear, sweet person! I am such a lucky girl (old lady??) to count you as one of my friends!! God really blessed me when He caused our paths to cross!!!

Love ya!!!!

Jennifer :)