Wednesday, November 09, 2005

a latvian girl who lives in south dakota and an english guy who lives in london

who would have ever thought that i will meet this crazy guy from england ON THE INTERNET and start dating him?!? it was never intended that way, all along i went into it with the mindset of "this is just for fun, for now, to forget about that broken heart".

who would have thought that not only are we going to talk on the phone and rack up $300 phone bills but we'll meet again and again and will travel to the other side of the world together in january? who would have thought that every time we meet and spend longer amounts of time together, we'll just grow closer? who would have thought that i will find such an amazing friend and generous and kind person in you, who would have thought that we will fall for each other so soon and so deep?

you have made me an optimist and i suppose you are right - good things do happen in this world - you are one of them.

by the way, you must have done something right, sounds like this lady approves ;)


Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

OK, we know now that you like Neil, and that because of his name he is probably a good guy (same as Rochelle's grandpa), but you still have to bring him to meet Iowa Mom and Dad for official approval!