Monday, December 12, 2005

among the housewives, ads and football games

i don't know why but our remote control has stopped working on the 3 channels that come in - and that is on a good weather day, with the bunny ears. when i am honest about it, only one channel comes in - the other two are so scribbly and liney that i have to move the loveseat in the middle of the room and sit like 2 feet away from the tv because my perscriptions are way overdue and half the time i really don't know what exactly i am watching.

anyway, so the remote control has stopped working and what do i do? i do what anyone in my humble position would do - leave it on the one channel that works and have to painfully endure the absence of my channel surfing. channel surfing on 3 channels. so Extreme Home Makover comes on and you have to understand, i never watch these home makovers and face makovers and clothes makeovers and women who got two boobs implanted that look the size of two XXL watermelons. and you know - whatever flots their boat, it's just not my boat, if you know what i mean. but i leave it on because ...well i am just too lazy to change it.

so finally i clue in what this is all about, in this episode they are rebuilding the
LA FREE CLINIC. these people helping people who really can't help themselves. love pouring from a major tv station - so touching that i am sitting there and trying not to start bawling. there was love coming through the tv.

for a change there is a program that is focusing on helping and loving all - and the people in there don't have to be young and beutiful and with big...bicepts. it is such a big and noticable change from the usual, self promoting, self serving, competion oriented, greedy programming, and it is so inspiring and so humble and touching that ...well, i wanted to go and hug my drug dealer neighbors and tell them that i love them regardless the fact that they park their car in front of my house.

don't worry this big neighborly love will change the next time it snows and the plow pushes all the snow in front of my driveway because their old piece of crap is parked in front of my house NOT THEIRS.

anyway, this is the christmas spirit. people giving, sharing, changing lives, caring. this felt like something worthy of sitting in front of tv and watching it without feeling like the braincells that weren't boozed away in college years aren't melting away from watching something dumb. this is tv worthy of watching.

p.s. that one designer with that australian accent... ... of course it's not as hot as british ;)

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The Dog Lady said...

yes - i love this show! it is such a NICE show. i love that it is just simply doing something nice for very deserving people. :-)