Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I was having a meeting in the coffee shop this morning when this man walked in, who looked like Gary, Rochelle's dad. I stared at him while he was walking across the room and then said "Are you Gary?"

He said "Yes, how are you?"

I said "Why are you here?"

He said "I am going through the town"

I said "Are you gonna stop by to see your daughter?"

He said "No" then he added "Well, maybe, on the way back".


You don't see your roommates dad walking in the coffee shop that often.

You also don't have conversations with Jude Law in your dreams that often.

I had both of those things happen to me today.


rochelle said...

you're right ags, probably only you and i can understand how funny this is. I'm not sure if even Adam gets it.

Lindsey J said...

umm...that's just random

melissa said...

funny because your dad has an identical twin?

rochelle said...

no, funny because is so very like my dad to be that random. you know him, and remember the days when he'd randomly show up at the apartment. I'm sure you get it :)

melissa said...

yeah, i get it :) i'd forgotten about your dad's random visits to vermillion. good times.