Thursday, February 23, 2006


OK, fine. I know I am not good with all the money balancing and whatnotelse. But I try. My form of balancing the checkbook is checking online how much money is left in there. Hey, baby steps!

My bank has just put in order a new system where I can track everything I pay in detail, including transactions, dates, places where the money goes, etc. While looking for something completely unrelated, I noticed that every month there is a 13.78 and 9.99 transaction going to a place I never have heard about with a website on it. So I look up the website and --- it's the Real Player website.

Last MAY I signed up for the trial 14 days and cancelled it. Apparently it's been deducting money from my account ever since. I won't count it because I think I am stuttering as it is.

The Latvian is furious at this point because I've never once have received one statement, bill, or a hint that I am paying this. So I call up the customer support and after trying to spell my last name for about 15 minutes they finally CANCEL my account and send me to the next level of customer support because I want my money back.

Keep in mind, at this point I flames of fire coming out of my nostrils, I am shooting darts from my eyes and my mouth is spewing something very poisonous. But I am cool enough to tell the people I am dealing with that I am not yelling at them, I am just frustrated with the system. The darts and flames worked because they are refunding me 6 months of this nonsense.

Don't mess with the Latvian.


Andy said...

Latvians are scary, almost as scary as... as... sea monsters! Ahhhh! I keep seeing cars from LT and thinking they're Latvian, but no. I know better now. Latvia is LA. LT is Lithuania. Completely different. The end.

Andy said...

Darnit! No dang wonder I've never seen one from "LAtvia". Is there even an LA? I've never seen an LV, either, though, so maybe the Latvians just don't flock to England like the Lithuanians do (though I've only ever seen like two LT plates... but that's still more than I've seen LA or even LV)

Sundries Sublime said...

Good for you, Kontrabanda!! As I was reading I didn't think they would give the $$ back!! Can I call you when I need some heavy duty negotiating??? :)

melissa said...

I would be pissed too. That's absolutely ridiculous that they would even consider taking money out of your account without giving you some sort of statement first. good work whipping the RealPlayer customer service department into shape.

Lindsey J said...

Good for you. Those people are EVIL--pure EVIL. They were charging me for a couple months before we noticed and got it cancelled. Of course they tried to talk me into keeping it and gave me "free stuff." Bah. They suck. What sucks the most is that you have to fill out this form as to why you are canceling before they tell you "here's the number you need to call to cancel." ARGH.