Tuesday, February 21, 2006

my secret post

sometimes i wonder if a piece of my heart is missing. or if it is rotting away. or it was never put in there in the first place. there are things that i say are terrible but really, when i ask myself, i don't care that much -- it's just the thing to say.

when painful things in my life happen, they soften me up. they make me FEEL with other people. suddenly, the things that i felt nothing about become very familiar and i understand them deep inside. also, strangers feel close because i KNOW what they are going through.

when i look back at my life and look at how "unfairness" has shaped me, i realize that it was not all bad. actually, there was a lot of good in those things. those unfair things have often made me to become better and softer and more understanding. there is a reason.

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