Friday, February 03, 2006

Montago Bay perfectness

how about a wedding on a beach, my neil standing across from me, fresh flowers, clear blue ocean around us, warm wind, barefoot in fine sand, jamaican musicians bajoling their little banjos or whatever they play, my two best friends standing up for me, his closest people there - witnessing, best friends, happiness.

by the way, only one of the two best friends know that she is in the wedding. the other one will learn this soon :)


Felicia said...

Well, now I know and I said "YES!!!" (it couldn't have been other way anyways). I am honored, happy, super excited, thrilled to death etc. Both Michael and I are looking forward to your wedding Aggie and Neil, aka our second honeymoon:))
love you tons!!!

melissa said...

i could go for a destination wedding in jamaica :) you should call me. i'd love to hear all the details :)