Wednesday, February 08, 2006

when our teenage-grandchildren think they are "it"

Slowly I am starting to organize things into little piles of "give away" "keep to mail" "throw away". The first big project is pictures. I have pulled, pushed, and polished all the pictures from my computer, which...of course brought up a lot of memories.

Some I look at and want to laugh out loud, some...well, some are memories at which Rochelle, Melissa, Vanessa, and Weed will one day sit around and tell each other what are the newest meds we are on and which side of the hip has started hurting this week, tell about the new dentures with better teeth for biting, and giggle about evesdroping on our grandchildren, who will of course think they are all that and whisper about how they went on this and that date.

At that point we will look at each other, giggle under our breath, and without saying it all will think "child... your grandma invented the game - DUH".

Without doubt we will say "DUH" at the end.

And then keep carrying on about the cookies we are baking for the bake sale.


melissa said...

i love it! it'll be great being gossipy old ladies together :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the day we're doubled over with age and laughter!