Thursday, April 06, 2006

in summary

three first class flights because of overbooked airplanes, layovers, 2 hour drive home, i am back. this morning all of it doesn't seem real. just a day ago i was in one of the biggest cities in the world, people buzzing everywhere, foods from all over the world, cars hunking, neils warm hand holding mine. now i am in vermillion, my fish RED is the only one staring back at me through his water tank, which has been taken over by green gunk on the glass.

this trip was all about love. love pouring from every look, word, space, touch, hope, wish, from everywhere we went and everything we did. love everywhere. there was only time for the people closest to us. and those closest didn't have comments about us not REALLY knowing each other, or about things happening so quickly. there were quiet whispers that ended with a little giggle of "you've got a good one there" and there were cheek squeezes and "what a cute boy" and calls from aunts on the other side of the world who said "your mom told us all about her, we would have loved her anyway, because she will be your wife but sounds like she is amazing". love surrounded us and covered us and smiled at us. it bathed us. it was so welcome and needed after the frowns and sarcastic comments we got here, at the beginning.

"this is the time of your life" my mom said during the last dinner we had together. it is not just because we are waiting for our life together to start but because there is this love that pours out of people. everything else seems to have been pushed aside, there was no time left for family quarrels and finger pointings, there were hidden looks, full of love, hugs and "i am so happy for yous". this trip was so relaxing, in so many ways it filled that tank in me that needs acceptance and love.

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Felicia said... glad to hear such a positive, powerful, optimistic feedback about your trip. I am glad you made it back safe. Enjoy the little time you have left in Vermillion. Let the countdown begin! Can't wait to talk to you on the phone!