Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today I got up from my coma, that some people call a good night sleep, crawled out of my bed and walked in the living room where Rochelle was sitting by the desk happy and chirpy and told me that the coffee is ready. The house smelled like fresh vanilla cream, the flavor of the coffee I picked up from Hy Vee a couple of days ago. The morning lights were not bright enough to fill the rooms, so all the lights were on. As I am turning into my own father, who used to walk behind us and turn all the lights off and yell at us that money doesn't grow on trees, I walked through a couple rooms no one was in and turned lights off. We had a small chat about last night, since I was already in bed when she got back. We talked about some new things that have happened. I pushed aside the CDs and blankets and airbeds and other stuff that's chaotically scattered around the house and sat on the orange chair that Rochelle got at a garage sale for $5. It screams "70s" but it's the most awesome chair and a matching footrest you've ever sat in.

We chatted some more about our crazy landlord, about friends who are getting married, about garage sale tonight, about other non important things while I had my morning cup. I got ready for work. As always, I ran around the house and complained that I have lost my keys the fifth morning this week, Rochelle tried to help me and told me that once I live with Neil it will be easier, because he's more organized and he can help me keep track of my crap, just like Adam helps her. The keys were found in my back pocket and I walked out the door. Posted by Picasa

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