Tuesday, January 16, 2007


my day is divided in intervals. they are always too short because i am not at work. at work everything always seems to drag but not at home.

at 6 am sharp the "beast" starts playing radio. i usually get up with neil and get his lunch box. then i get back in bed and sleep.

depending on whether i dream dreams of sharks trying to eat me or my darling calls to wake me up, i am up between 9 and 9:30. then i make a fruit smoothie with nuts and half of banana and some green health stuff and enjoy it while the computer starts up. by the time i check my emails i am sipping a black coffee with some cream in it. i know that cream is fattning but milk never does the trick - cream makes it smoother. i know i need to cut coffee out of my life but i can't. not because of the taste but because of the ritual.

i open the curtains and watch the weather for a while. unusual for london, our backyard has a lot of trees and an alley that dissapears in the distance. sometimes it is sunny, other times it is gray and really windy, an occasional palm tree or pine tree and a lot of other trees sway in wind. there are still occasional raspberries on the wild raspberry branches that hang over the little fence by the dining room window. if i opened the window i could probably get them. i leave them there - they add life.

i love the mornings. i hate looking in the clock to see what time it is because they tend to fly by too fast. mornings are promising. mornings are good mood and a full day that might have some surprises ahead. mornings are fresh and uninterrupted.

mornings are mine.


Felicia said...

enjoy those mornings... when they are gone, you will miss them, A LOT! You are very very missed across the Atlantic.

rochelle said...

drink tea. OR keep the coffee-drinking alive!