Monday, April 02, 2007

How I almost started on bubbles

I personally think that this is so good that it deserves it's own label. So this post is going under a label "agnese(isms)" along with the post about my most revealing shopping experiences. Life would be boring if we couldn't laugh. And who is better to poke a little fun at than yourself.

Yesterday we had an absolutely delightful day. Kerry and Brett have flown in and in honor of them the family had a little get together. I think about 30 people came all together. It was really nice to meet them all since I had heard a lot about some of them but had never met them.

One of that cousins is a very successful PR lady for a lot of the news people in London. She owns an office in Traffalgar Square and is otherwise a very busy woman who rubs shoulders with some very well known people on Tv.

She also came and spoiled all of us with gifts. The gifts she got me were bought in Highgrove, which is a residence of the Prince of Wales. And you can only shop there if you are staying on the premises. I got nice soap and a very nice bottle of really good smelling perfumy stuff. It's a smell I probably would not have worn a few years ago but now I perceive it a little more sophisticated.

The whole day I was tralling around and telling everyone how much I like the new perfume. Kept putting it on and making everyone sniff this very fancy perfume I have gotten from Highgrove. Said many thank yous to the cousin who was so generous. Gave her many hugs and probably told her how much I love the perfume.

Later on in the night I took the bottle in my hands again to read the labels a little more (to read the labels period) and realized that it's not perfume at all. It's BATH OIL. I've been smearing bath oil on myself the whole day and telling everyone how great it smells and how much I love it. I am glad I didn't start bubbling in the middle of the party. Probably did but the reserved Brits didn't tell me.


rochelle said...

hahahahahahaha!!!!! LOVE IT.

melissa said...

fabulous :) you always have the best stories!