Thursday, September 13, 2007

Green rash and purple toe nails

In the last few months I have been made very aware of this human condition called "Life always seems greener on the other side of the fence", in common terms people call it "whining", or if you are English, you call it "moaning", which I think is a really funny word.

Since we've been waiting around for the Visa to come through, or to be more precise, to submit it, I have to constantly remind myself to enjoy this time and not to have this attitude of "I can't wait for..." Because the thing about it is that when I think back, I realize that when I was in the States, I couldn't wait to get out of Vermillion and to move to a bigger place. When we got to London, I couldn't wait to come to Australia. Now, I can't wait for us to start working and buying furniture and a car and all other things that everybody else has.

I remember writing a post while in London, before I got my job there, about wanting to find a job. I never wrote this but as soon as I got the job, I was thinking "I should have enjoyed more the time before I started working". Now I am in the same shoes, knowing that as soon as I start working I will be wondering what was in my pants that I was not happy about.

The thing about it all is that really, those circumstances or conditions are never bad in themselves, I think it's all in the head - wanting to rush to the next place or event or whatever it is. The art is to stop and to appreciate what you have now, in this moment, without wanting a little bit more of this and little less of that.

All in all, it's a very human condition. Good thing it doesn't give you like green rash or purple toenails (my nail polish does that trick). I wonder if there is such a thing as mastering to be content exactly where you are and not think that the next place will bring you more satisfaction in life.


Marcia said...


I saw your comment on Boho's blog and decided to come meet you.

I'm also a Christian with endometriosis!

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Karen said...

you're right. as soon as you get to the next place, you start thinking about the next one. enjoy living in a brand new place with no job to get in your way as long as possible - if only for the rest of us who are trying to cram as much excitement into two weeks of vacation and two personal days as possible!