Monday, October 29, 2007

First day at work

Neil went off to work this morning for the firs time in .... 5... 6 months? The Visa is not here yet but he is not getting paid, which means we are not breaking any rules.

It was hard saying good bye to him in the morning. It's noon now, I really miss seeing his smiley face walking through the door and offering to make lunch for everyone. I have the most wonderful husband in the southern hemisphere.

Yesterday I had some conversations with some australians about my design studio name and I think I will stick with the lemon design studio. I might do a little surveying around and see what kind of reactions I get, but overall, I would like to keep it. On the other hand, the green lime studio doesn't sound so bad either. So... I will think about it and will let you know.

Here are the first two jobs I've had
The apartments we are staying in
Formwork company

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