Friday, October 12, 2007


My voice is a little rusty today and my body is begging for a little bit more sleep and rest. But it was all worth it for a day at a waterpark in a 30 degree heat.

As my birthday present, Anna and Andy invited Neil and I to a waterpark - Wet'N'Wild. I would have to say that I have not done this much screaming (for mommy) and clunching of my nails into whatever I was holding onto while sliding down from some very watery slopes in a very fast speed on tubes.

The park is huge, for the most part rides are fun, you do get a the belly tickle from time to time when there is a sudden drop and your body is sliding through the air instead of the water but those were generally fairly short. The last ride was the worst as you get buckled in these seats which are turning around and are attached to something that looks like a surfboard and it goes up in the air 90 degrees, the drops, while a hose of water is being dumped on the people sitting there, then back up. I used to like all the twirly hoopy rides but now I stay away from them. I blame my respectable age for this. Since Anna and Andy and Neil were so excited to go on this ride, I couldn't chicken out. So I stodd there, biting my nails and waiting for our turn. We got on and without joking, my hands were shaking. By this time I had figured out that if you keep your eyes closed you don't get as scared. So I kept them closed for the most part except for a few times when we were up in the air and that didn't do any good, I just screamed louder and called for mommy. Neil heard my desperation and started screaming "Daddy" - I am sure it was really funny for those standing around...

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rochelle said...

haha! 30 degree heat doesn't sound like much! maybe you should add a farenheit to celcius calculator on your blog for us silly Americans.