Monday, June 30, 2008


29 years ago a pretty English lady who was married to a handsome fella started feeling the pains in her belly and at that moment they knew that their little family of three will change forever - the little baby in the belly was ready to meet the world.

His sister's life ended as she knew it once this young gentleman was born. But don't be fooled, she still hugged him and loved him even when and if he was being the little annoying brother who knew no end to mischief.

Who knew but apparently this young man used to eat bugs when he was little.

Not that you could tell it by his sweet little innocent face.

He kept growing and got into lots of troubles that boys get into. This included but was not limited to: going further on the bike than his moma and dad allowed him to, getting excited about sweeties, playing football, scraping knees, picking nose, playing with Leggos, exploring the big world outside the fence.. and lots and lots of others.

He grew up and became a handsome stallion. Tall in stature with golden locks framing his masculine face.

Young maidens were fainting when he walked by them but he knew that the promised one has not yet come along. So he just kept watching his StarTreck and hanging out with his friends.

And then, one day he met this Latvian girl on the internet and thought to himself "Me-ow! Hot mama!"

And he knew that he'd spend his life in agony if he didn't marry her. So he wrote her a whole lot of sappy emails and wooed her and wined her and dined her and got her to totally fall in love with him - head over heals.

And they got married and lived happily ever after. And she got to bake his birthday cake for the rest of his birthdays which come around on July 1 every year!

The end.

Feel free to email him here to wish him a happy birthday (and tell him how wise he is for not letting that Latvian girl get away)


Karen said...

This is adorable. If not a tiny bit embarrassing for Neil. :)

Happy birthday!

yellowgirl said...

this is the best happy birthday post ever! haha!

kristaliukas said...

fantastic post! Happy Birthday, Neil!

Felicia said...

He's one lucky guy indeed! Happy Birthday!!