Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Generally I don't like to talk about my trips right after I get back from them. Unless they are work-related. Then it's clear-cut - these are the goals and objectives, this is what we did and this is what we didn't get done. With travel and personal trips it's a completely different story. I need time to absorb them, I need time to taste them and to enjoy them internally before I am ready to share them with others. It's hard to get more than "It was great" from me.

It's not because I am rude. It's because I am processing.

If there is one place I would like to go back to, it's Paris. We went for a couple of days last winter. It was my second time in Paris. There is not much chic at first glance. In fact, the streets are pretty dirty and while the buildings look nice, the class is not something you'll find on the street. But I think I have finally realised why I like it there. It's because the French know how to live glamour in their every-day lives. I've lived in the US, in Australia and in the UK, and Latvia. I have to say that the latter two are better at glamour then the first two but they are still very subtle about it. The French seem to do it better than all of the above combined. Or maybe they are better at faking it. I am fine either way.

The casual has creeped in our lives and we have not noticed it or in some cases, no one knew any different. I don't like casual. I like the attention to the detail and the extra effort in places where it's generally not expected. Who let it slide and when did the casual become the norm?

There is something authentic that I found in France. I miss the authentic. I miss the original, I miss the style and the fashion in the every-day life. I miss the red lippy and the long gloves for theatre, I miss the brooch and the velvet and sherry, I miss the high heels and the crystal, I miss custom-made dresses and dress-up days.

I was spoiled. My grandma was a seamstress and took pride in dressing up in clothes that looked amazing and no one had.

I think it's time we bring those things back and take pride in them. Of course it's not where our value lies but it is a matter of good taste and personal style and pride in those things.


Felicia said...

LOVE your post!! I have the same struggle... where is the originality?? said...

One more place you've lived... Lithuania!