Thursday, May 26, 2011

I WILL get over this cold very soon!

I've been reading "Blessings or Curse" by Derek Prince, which I highly recommend to those who believe in God. Very interesting, eye-opening and old school in the way of the sometimes uncomfortable truth rather than the feel-good messages.

One of the chapters talks about self-imposed curses that are often said in off-hand comments such as "This is killing me" or "It almost gave me a heart attack", etc. I have so much to learn in this area as I catch myself saying empty, useless things often to be funny or just because I am used to. I have a feeling that this might be a bit of a battle like it was with my sugar cravings, but I know it is possible!

(By the way, remember that sugar free life I enjoyed? It lasted for a while and I felt great but then vacations happened.... That's a whole another story).

This book is such an eye-opener to so many things in life that I do without thinking. Especially when it comes to things I say about myself and about others. Often times I feel terrible afterwards and know that I've crossed boundaries but while in the situation it feels good. I find it such a battle because saying something is so easy and you can't take it back once it's spilled. Saying things is quick, sometimes they escape before I even realise the real message I've just said. The Bible has so much to say about idle words. I thank God for grace.

So to practice this, instead of saying "I've got a terrible cold", I've been saying "I am fighting a cold and I am winning the battle".

And hot tea in the middle of the night sometimes does so much more than just soothes the sore throat... :)

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