Sunday, May 06, 2012

Guest-post from nana and papa

Today we have a very special occasion - nana and papa have written down their memories of becoming grandparents for the first time and being with us for the first six weeks of Daniel's life.

It was such a sweet time with them here - cuddling and loving Daniel, singing to him, playing with him, cooing over him in wonder and amazement, encouraging us through the struggles as first-time parents, helping with housework. We miss them so much and can't wait for the next time we see them!

There is nothing like being a grandparent !

A few years ago, a friend of mine, who herself had just  become a first time grandparent said to me “Being a grandparent is like falling in love  all over again”.  How strange, I thought, what a funny thing to say.  I had no idea what she really meant. 

Well, now I know and it is utterly wonderful!

We arrived at the hospital early evening after Daniel had just been born, and  waited in the corridor with anticipation. Suddenly this little troop appeared through the double doors along from the delivery suite. And there was Agnese in front, being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse with  Neil behind,  proudly pushing this little transparent cot along the corridor with our new little grandson inside. 

What joy!  We peered carefully into the little cot and that was our first sight of Daniel.  Love at first sight or what!

We were so proud of Neil and Agnese and I felt so tenderly towards them, in their now new life of being parents and all that would mean. 

This was now a completely new world to all of us.  When they were finally settled in their room, we were allowed in to fully admire and congratulate them afresh. Agnese was reclining on the bed, clutching Daniel on her chest where he was safe and cosy and exclaiming “I have a baby”. I remember the lady with the tea trolley arriving and offering Agnese some refreshment and also offering cake.  How I laughed, when Agnese said incredulously “You have Cake?”  Having been denied sweet treats for so long during her pregnancy due to gestational diabetes, Agnese was now set free to enjoy the forbidden fruit!

Later on, Neil said to me “Come on Mum, you can change Daniel’s nappy.”  I was taken completely by surprise and felt completely out of my depth – it had been a long while since I had done this and Daniel was so little and helpless.   I fumbled my way through and I think Neil had to take over.  Neil  was so competent and I was very proud of him.

Well after a whirlwind week of visiting Agnese in the hospital and getting to know our little grandson, it was time for Agnese and Daniel  to come home.  We waited expectantly for Neil to arrive home bringing his new family back in the car and Papa went out to bring Daniel into the house via his little car seat, where he looked so tiny in comparison to this big encasement that he was in !

The next five weeks were a learning curve to us all and what challenges and fun it brought.   The first time and many times after, as we changed Daniel he would repeatedly spray a fountain into the air (as we whooped with surprise and laughter), often wetting the fresh nappy about to be put on! Then there were the times his yellow poo leaked out of his nappy on to our laps as we were cuddling him and admiring him. 

I busied myself reading Agnese’s books about breastfeeding and learnt so much, far more than I ever knew when feeding my own children.  It was fascinating and I am amazed at how God has made us women and designed us to feed our children. I learned about the composition of the milk to feed the baby as it grows and how the milk changes to nourish the little one and so much more.  Agnese and I would have chats and share information with each other.  It was all so absorbing.

I remember the first time Daniel smiled (about 5 weeks), which I was longing for before we had to leave to come back home to the U.K.  Agnese was holding Daniel on her lap and I was peering over her shoulder and we were continually coaxing him to smile.  All of a sudden he smiled and Agnese and I were taken completely by surprise and whooped in glee – this of course startled Daniel and he did not look so happy then!

Oh my, how the weeks flew whilst we were there and it was soon time for us to come home.  We so enjoyed the privilege and joy of being there for his birth and we continually thank the Lord for him.

Agnese and Neil continue to send us little videos and photos of him almost daily and we so look forward to them and play them over and over, until I know exactly what he is about to do next !

Being grandparents is the best!  

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studiocitro said...

I remember that moment when I was being pushed in the wheelchair and seeing you sitting in the lounge and patiently waiting. I had an overwhelming urge to cry tears of happiness. I didn't have that when Daniel was first born as I was so focused on the mechanics of everything that was happening around. But at that moment, seeing you guys there, I was filled with so much happiness that we've given you a grandson and that God has given us all a healthy baby boy and that we are all together in this moment :)