Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is it possible to loose weight around the Holiday season?

Ags: Rochelle, I can't fit even in my fat jeans pants anymore
Rochelle: You know, there was a lady in my office who was telling us these stories about how your body changes with age. Those stories were funny.
A: I wish that at 27 I could blame it on the age.
R: It is true, your body changes after children.
A: Yeah, and I think women start storing more fat around their middle after menopause
R: So it does change with age.
A: Except for babies are far away for me and menaupause is even further, so I think my only reason is cookies. Yesterday, when I went to that chilly cookout, I told myself that I am going to practice control and eat very little. And I did - I ate very little. A little bit of everything, including the 3 different kinds of desserts.

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Lindsey J said...

it's so true that the body changes after birth, but not always in a bad way!! Just different (in my experience).