Monday, November 28, 2005

saying thank you on thanksgiving to me is like giving flowers to someone only on valentines day. but if you insist...

*that guy who calls me in the middle of the night to tell me he loves me and sends me warm wool scarfs in the mail and takes off 6 weeks from work to spend in Vermillion WITH ME
*apple cider with brandy - Rochelle's recepy
*people who put up with my annoying habits and still love me - my friends
*a home, a christmas tree, a warm cuddly blanket
*a good book once in a while

...this will go on for a while, you know...


Lindsey J said...

I think that in this day we don't usually take the time to actually put the thank yous into words/writing.... I think your thank yous are wonderful. :) And that apple cider recipe sounds call next time you make it!

kontrabanda said...

there is one more thing that goes toward the top of the list -- one of the coolest, sweetest, kindest, smartest, generous people i know -- my best friend and roommate.