Monday, June 05, 2006

Living in the moment

Brazilian restaurants is what we've been up to! Neil is back in England and Ags has appeared again. We had an awesome week! It seems like the closer it gets to the wedding, the harder it is to say good-byes. It always ends with "Only three and a half months". Which still seems an eternity away.

I've always told myself to enjoy the moment because when the next one comes, no matter how good it is, I'll never be able to go back in the past. So I'm forcing myself do that right now. Enjoying friends, enjoying Vermillion, enjoying my work, enjoying this time because soon it will be over.

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Sundries Sublime said...

Such cute pictures! At first I thought Neil's shirt said, "I do all my own FONTS"
Hee hee! That would kinda be a cool shirt!!