Friday, June 09, 2006


once in a while i like to challenge myself with doing jobs that look interesting but i don't know how to do. becoming a barista and learning the recepies for all the latte mocha cappucinos was one of them. teaching aerobics has become another. when they were looking for someone to teach this summer, i was thinking to myself that this is not only going to become a reason for me to exercise on regular bases but also i will learn to do something new.

i am exhausted. not just physically, but emotionally too. i am not terrible but i am not great. there are steps to remember, cues to give, music to count, make sure that the advanced people don't get bored and the beginners are not lost... it is so much work and i am patiently waiting when a little ray of sunshine will come my way and it will become a little easier. it hasn't yet.

i know it's not a life and death situation, i know that on a big scale of things this is a detail. but it's an important detail in my life that i want to excell at. to get that feeling of "i did it".

the other day i read a back of a shirt that something along the lines of "with patience and lots of practice, anything we do will become easier eventually". i think i needed to read that. i am looking forward to that day. now i just really need a nap.

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