Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Job searching

Well, dear Internet, I know you've been holding your breath to see what great job I will get and who will be blessed by my sparkling personality, plethora of knowledge and experience, as well as witt, which surpasses many.

No job yet, but I have been faithfully sending off my resume and cover letter. Carefully tweaking it to each position I come across that sounds like a good fit, and trust me, they all sound like a good fit - especially the ones with the reward figures in the high 90,000s - hahah.

As I keep this up, I am getting more and more impressed with myself. In fact, I have come to a conclusion that the wisest thing would be not letting myself get hired by anyone - who wants to share a person who has demonstrated ability in initiating tasks and working independently with minimal supervision, someone with an experience in customer service, communications, marketing, project management, and administration - DUH! Plus, let's throw in a 3 for the price of one with the natural desktop design and photography skills. Please, don't forget the good looks! I don't quite think Neil has gotten to that realization yet. But I am sure that if he took the time to read my resume, the moment of enlightenment would descend upon him as well.

I am sure that the lack of responses is due to the shock that they are recovering from - not often do you get a resume like that sent in. I don't blame them, like I said, I am impressed myself.

The selection of jobs is interesting and varied. My favorite, this far, is to the Queensland Government Office of Primary Industries and Fisheries, as a Media Officer, whose primary duty would be to educate the public about Equine Influenza Eradication Program. I should probably look it up so I know what it is, so that I don't embarrass myself when they realize what a great candidate has applied and call me for an interview. Although I have to admit that the position of a Complaints Officer might be a bit more entertaining with the Primary Industries and Fisheries. I wonder what kind of complaints you get - hello, I caught a fish and it bit me in the finger!

I will keep you updated as to what happens. In the mean time I am working hard and keeping up the good work. Along with posting the second post today....

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